Thursday, 8 September 2011

Up and away

So the travels have begun, in a different land that is.
I found it very hard to leave Australia, all of my beautiful family and friends and the many adventures that seem to continually unfold when im there, not only adventures but artistic endevours! so many things to do! And the land, ohhhhhh beautiful special places and people!

I am content concentrating and enjoying living in the moment and taking things in one at a time, but often when i sit and observe, think, and make mental lists, i have an overwhelming energy to be doing and learning 100 things at once which is great, but impossible.
I want to be a jack of all trades, and a master of many. And to do so, this takes time.

So travelling.... this will be interesting.
This pilgrimage i am about to embark on, has no set time length or destination, it is purely about being on the road. And the things that you learn when your on the road, they are endless and suprising.
I am looking forward to accidentally falling into these lessons. Not knowing when or where or what i am going to learn, discover, appreciate.

I left all expectations under my pillow in Coffs harbour, they are much to heavy to carry.
But took with me 13kg of belongings, as well as two feet to get around, open eyes to see all the pot holes, interested mind to keep me entertained, well looked after hands to touch, draw, sculpt and write to you guys so you can enjoy my experiences via the interweb!
I dont know how often ill be writing, im not the kind of person who is going to tell you of every meal i ate and every km i crossed. i will keep it special, the entertaining stories, and helpful hints incase any of you chickens decide to come along for the ride!
Much love to all and thankyou for supporting me on my trip.

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