Monday, 24 December 2012

Creative Space Jatitujuh!

Rizal and i have started a new project, working with the people of Jatitujuh and the creative collective named 'Konser Kampung' this is why it has taken me so bloody long to update this blog, im sorry!! Merry Christmas to all, and if your feeling generous on this day of days, please donate and help this cause, help to create a more creative world!
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 Building a place for the community.
A place of-
Creation, Collaboration, Experimentation, 
Discussion, Performance, Education....

Organised by Ellie Hannon and Rizal Abdulhadi with Konser Kampung Jatitujuh West Java.

Ellie Hannon
Ellie Hannon is an artist, traveller, listener, learner and teacher. Having a degree in Fine Art from the University of Newcastle she decided to travel with the idea of art and sharing. Travelling through South East Asia for the last 14 months Ellie has volunteered for various projects in many countries teaching visual and recycled art, English and sustainability studies. Her travels have seen her creating art with various communities and holding workshops in many art and community centres.

Rizal Abdulhadi

Rizal Abdulhadi is a musician, songwriter, Indonesian folk singer, story teller, painter and social activist. He dedicates his music and art to struggle for real change towards a more creative Indonesia and World. Three years travelling through his homeland Indonesia and this year travelling through Singapore and Malaysia; he toured with his folk and experimental music, performing and workshopping with children and experimental musicians.

Konser Kampung

Konser Kampung Is a community of cultural arts that was born in 1986 in the village of Jatitujuh located in the north of Majalengka, West Java. Members of this community group share different talents ranging from art and music to dance and writing. This year they have focused on the creation of new experimental instruments made from bamboo. Their talents and various other acts connected with community art are often combined with events and social activities within and outside of this village.

The village of Jatitujuh need a space for creation, exploration and collaboration, to promote art as a way of life. For the past years they have been using temporary studio spaces, friends bamboo shacks, local coffee houses and their own lounge rooms to produce, discuss and practice their art and music. By building a central hub in this village for education and execution of creativity, it will provide easier access to art materials and space, therefor encouraging both the young and old in this village to play more of a participatory role in art creation and experimentation. Konser Kampung have been making music, events for the community, art and experimental instruments since 1986, touring, collaborating and inspiring many. Art is indispensable in their lives and the lives of the village.

Estimated starting date-
Construction of the permanent buildings (brick, cement) expected to begin December 2012
Permanent building spaces include- Kitchen, Bathroom, Workshop, Gallery, Discussion area, Education centre, Resident bedroom.
Following is the building of-
Bamboo studios, permaculture gardens, stage and seating area, tree house

Artists, musicians and children of Jatitujuh village
Artists and Musicians of Indonesia and International community

*Make a Strategically Positive Impact on the Environment, Education, and the Arts in West Java.
Attracting contrasting groups of people, this centre promises to be a hub that allows different groups of people to find common ground and the availability of space to work together. Multidisciplinary and multifaceted, this project allows you to donate to a variety of key social issues at one time.

*Thinking for the future
Donating to this project allows you to have made an impact on the minds and abilities of talented youth for the future.

*Strengthening Your Corporate Image
Through supporting this project, your company will be projected as an industry committed to activities that benefit the arts, environment, education and social justice. 

Ellie Hannon

Rizal Abdulhadi

Bali.. Ubud and the Organic Mind Project performance, other exhibitions and having fun with friends.. September!

Organ Budaya Indonesiia presents-

Organic Mind Collaboration.. 

The Mask and Puppet Museum, Ubud Bali.  A week of great inspiration and new friendship. 
Where artists from around Indonesia came together to create a performance using the natural skills embedded in them, forming it from the roots of their organic mind.
Experimental sound/ music, Traditional dance, Mask, Organic, Bamboo Costuming, Lighting effects, Photographers, Contemporary instruments, Free Tree giving, Sustainability, Education.

A trip to Lombok to begin painting for an exhibition fundraiser Rizal and I are interested in doing. The first week we stayed in Mataram with the wonderful folk of the Warung Jack, at the Taman Budaya (culture centre) situated in Mataram. Each Tuesday night they have a Guerrilla Music performance, each week themed differently. If you go along be warned, you will be made to jump on stage and at least say a poem!