Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Drifting and floating

VENILALE- a few days spent with Sarah Angus pretty eyes, the Boss man and Igu Pugu the wonder dog.
Venilale is a beautiful place and i really enjoyed hanging out with bosses family, recieving truck loads of affection from his sweet sisters, and delicious dinners and breakfasts, also a jam packed car trip to the local hot springs to have a well needed wash.
Sarahs 'uma bibi'

This place is just too magic to decline an opportunity to go back, so Sarah malaria, Sarah, Boss and I decided to have a few relaxing days on the island a great way to spend Sarahs last week in Timor Leste. This trip was full of laughter, i dont know if it was because we are generally hilarious people or because it had started pouring rain as we left Baucau, the first rains of the season, what a brilliant release.

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