Monday, 24 December 2012

Bali.. Ubud and the Organic Mind Project performance, other exhibitions and having fun with friends.. September!

Organ Budaya Indonesiia presents-

Organic Mind Collaboration.. 

The Mask and Puppet Museum, Ubud Bali.  A week of great inspiration and new friendship. 
Where artists from around Indonesia came together to create a performance using the natural skills embedded in them, forming it from the roots of their organic mind.
Experimental sound/ music, Traditional dance, Mask, Organic, Bamboo Costuming, Lighting effects, Photographers, Contemporary instruments, Free Tree giving, Sustainability, Education.

A trip to Lombok to begin painting for an exhibition fundraiser Rizal and I are interested in doing. The first week we stayed in Mataram with the wonderful folk of the Warung Jack, at the Taman Budaya (culture centre) situated in Mataram. Each Tuesday night they have a Guerrilla Music performance, each week themed differently. If you go along be warned, you will be made to jump on stage and at least say a poem!

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